My Wrendition of a Carolina Wren: The Creative Process

wren-silhouette333A couple of months ago I met a lady who fearlessly decided to catapult me into the 21st century and onto the Internet via the website you see before you.

After posting a couple of simple things — for example, a story about my first time woodburning a tiger — she then suggested it might be interesting to show how I arrive at a new artistic creation.

Since I’m presently designing a logo for her and trying to incorporate it into her business of making Native American Style flutes I decided to combine some of my current goals and document my efforts in her behalf as an example of the creative process.       Read more …

Creating References for Woodburning and Carving

Owl by Orchid W Davis

A good close-up of a Great Horned Owl that shows his eyes, and feather detail. You can almost tell what he’s thinking.

Having reference photos to help you prepare for woodburning or carving is essential according to Orchid.

Read the full article on Creating References for Woodburning and Carving or click on the page “Reference Photos