“The ABCs of Woodburning”



  This book was designed with the beginner in mind. It explains how woodburning works from the features to look for when buying your first burning system to how the size & shape of the pens determine which ones are best suited for the different techniques used to do feathers, fur and foliage. How shading is used to make your burnings look more realistic is explained in detail but using the pens just for texture with little or no color is covered too. No one can cover every possible question but I’ve included all the things that experienced artists take for granted but first time students often wonder about ( like how to get a pattern traced on the wood ~ there’s 4 pages about that ).

In addition to woodburning techniques I’ve added hints for sealing, painting, finishing and even framing your burnings…. plus information for those working with leather or gourds. A pattern is a big help so I’ve included patterns for the chipmunk, horse, tiger and the kitten on the cover as well as a chickadee, rooster, quail and owl. Since all patterns limit you to someone else’s designs there are also instructions for making your own patterns and advice on how to do portraits of your pets instead of generic cats and dogs. Bonnie Gibson did a review of the book in her newsletter ( see it at http://www.arizonagourds.com/March2017 ) and this was the part she liked best. The easiest way to learn is to copy and let another artist work out the problems but throughout the book I encourage you to personalize your work whenever possible to make it unique and one of a kind. My goal is to provide you with inspiration as much instruction.

The book is paperback, 112 pages with lots of photos and sells for $19.95 plus shipping

You can order by contacting me at    orchidwdavis@gmail.com

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