Bird Carving with a sense of humor

humorous bird carvingAll bird carving doesn’t have to be serious…….. here’s my carving of a “Rednecked Georgia Cracker Bird”

But here too I had to use reference material. I don’t drink beer so I had to walk down the side of the road at least a dozen yards before I found an old Coors can I could copy.  Couldn’t use a real one, everything had to be carved out of wood.

He’s carved for the “Strange and Unusual Birds” contest we had at our carving show back in the mid-90s . Being politically correct wasn’t such an issue back then and anyway I was from South Carolina so it was my duty to poke fun at Georgians whenever possible.

He’s wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball cap, an NRA belt buckle, smoking an unfiltered
cigarette while eating a supersized McDonald’s french fries. The tattoo on his left wing is
a heart with “Mom” in it. and he has , of course, a beer belly.

They’re the only species that never suffers from loss of habitat. They build nests out of
roadside trash and use old beer cans for a foundation so there’s always plenty on hand.

Burning and bird carving is fun… don’t take the fun out of your work… enjoy it !

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